Rainer Santi

Geneva, Switzerland and Stockholm, Sweden

Professional experience




Professional experience

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1994-today: Freelance translator

Dec 1993: Consecutive French-German interpreter, Swedish Ministry of Communications

Swedish Immigration Board

Aug 93-July 94: Chief financial officer at the refugee camp of Gyllene Ratten. Budgets, book-keeping, payments. Cost-cutting and creation of routines for internal sub-budgets.

Opticom Business Access AB / Bureau of consultants

June-July 92: Marketing Consultant. Survey and analysis of the French and German markets, a project for AGA, the world's fifth leading producer of industrial gases.

Pax Förlag Sverige AB / Publishing company

June 90-June 91: Board member, responsible for economical planning. Drafting of alternative action plans for the owner.

International Peace Bureau (IPB)

IPB is an international NGO, headquartered in Geneva. It co-ordinates the UN-related work of member organizations and monitors the work of the UN.

Feb 86-June 90: Secretary General/CEO.

Computerization of the office and administrative routines. Establishemen of two international news bulletins. Organization of international campaigns, seminars and conferences in Greece, Australia, U.K. and Sweden.

AV Spectrum HB / Multimedia productions

Sep 84-Jan 86: Self-employed. Production of advanced slide shows for (amongst others) the International Fund (Swedish), Save the Children's Fund and Greenpeace.

Work as editor and organizer:

July-Aug 84: Editor at Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, the Swedish national news agency.

Jan-June 84: Editor, "Developments at the Stockholm Conference" (CSCE).

May-Nov 83: Responsible, the "Nordic Security & Disarmament Conference".

Oct 82-April 83: Member of editorial board for PAX, free-lance journalist, lecturer.

Other work

Sep 81-Sep 82: Travels in Europe and Latin America, free-lance journalist/Pax, Der Spiegel, Dagens Nyheter, Arbetet a.o.


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1990-94: University of Stockholm. Ekonomie Magister/Master of Sciences.

Eight semesters. Final report (in Swedish) in two parts: "Electronic banking services in homes and companies" and "Electronic business communication - a great potential with impediments."

1980-81: University of Stockholm.

Political Science, two semesters.
Final report (in Swedish): "Nation-building in Zaïre."

1979-80: Military (civil) service at the Sandö School in Kramfors. Studies of the French language and training for voluntary service in developing countries.

1978-79: University of Stockholm. Economics, (five weeks), Philosophy, two semesters.

1972-77: Upper Secondary School, Stockholm. Specialization in electronics.

1962-71: 6 years in the German School of Stockholm, 3 years in the German School of Milan.


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English, German, French into Swedish

Italian: fluent speech, no experience in writing.


Up again

Born: September 15, 1957 in Solna, Sweden.

Nationality: Swedish

Married since 1986 with Elisabeth. Two children: Fabian (1988) and Lovisa (1990).

Author, "100 years of peace making" (history of the peace movement) and numerous articles in the fields of disarmament negotiations, international peace work and European Union, amongst other.