- about in which order it should acquire convictions

Before you become a capitalist,
communist, monetarist,
anarchist, marxist, fascist,
terrorist, imperialist,
socialist, syndicalist,
or even liberalist
you must understand
that as soon as you can stand
you should toddle on and join
the world party for peace
that comes BEFORE everything else.

All the -isms in which we're stuck
they are second, not the first.
Peace must be the first.

If it doesn't, little friend,
there'll be nothing in the end.

Tage Danielsson

One way to contribute is to join a peace organisation. On the international level you could check up on the International Peace Bureau, that since more than 100 years acts as an umbrella for national peace organisations worldwide. There you can find contact addresses to the peace organisations. You can read a background essay about the international peace movement here. I wrote it originally in 1991, but the historical and philosophical part is still valid